Windows Media Player Vista is one useful tool for viewing pictures along with playing video as well as the audio files. Different versions of this software have been introduced for different operating systems like Solaris and Mac OS. You can install the WPM MP4 codec in your PC or the laptop for enhancing the functionality of this software.

When you are downloading the codec in the computer, one should visit Microsoft Corp website first. “Downloads & Trials” section is there at this website. You need to right click this and choose the option labeled “Download Center”. Windows Media option is there at left side. It should be clicked and then you should type ‘codec’ on search box. Choose appropriate codec installation options for Window Media Player Vista. It should be confirmed that you have the player’s original version installed on your computer. Wait for the downloading of all the files. Run these files and click on Next option for finishing the installation.

Converting MP4 files to MP3 format is another important thing that one should know and for this you should have appropriate converter software. Converter software can be purchased online or can also be downloaded free from internet.

Once it is installed you should run Windows Media Player Vista. Choose Library option and after placing cursor on playlist option you should right click it. Select the files that you want to be converted. Now choose “Add to Burn” option. Right click this option and go to the CD Drive. Select the “Start Burn” tab. The files should then be played to check if they are converted successfully or not. If these are not converted successfully then the complete process should be repeated.

In this way you will be able to play both MP3 and MP4 files using your Windows Media player Vista software.